How’d you get here?

I’m Ashley and that is a question I am constantly asking myself. How did a 32-year-old woman with a degree in photography, a masters in education and a passion for youth ministry end up as a career missionary in El Salvador?

At the age of 11, wonders of who I am, why I am and whose I am began to fill pages of cheap lock + key diaries. That little girl who once sat alone on the floor of her bedroom scribbling secrets no one would ever read is now a woman sitting in her Salvadoran bedroom hoping her words happen upon someone who will reach back and say, “ohmygosh, me too!”

When I’m not posting on social media or applying filters to the photos that curate my life, I’m learning to serve more and be served less.

These are my lesson notes. They’re vulnerable, real, and hopefully a little encouraging. So pour yourself some coffee or tea and tell me – you too?