Hi friend!

My name is Ashley de Ramírez. Ok. Hold on. I know what you’re thinking. Either, Oh wow…what a fancy name! There’s a DE in it! Or, Well she clearly married a super fine Latino! Well, both are correct. Life started out in the upscale suburbs of Columbus, Ohio and has zig-zagged me all the way to a cozy apartment (shared with my very fine Latino husband) in El Salvador.

I distinctly remember being 8 years old, walking with my mother around our neighborhood, telling her that my future husband would probably look like Ken (as in the infamous Barbie & Ken), dreaming of being a Rockette and having seven dogs and three horses. Needless to say, my life now looks very different than the dreamings of my eight-year-old spirit.

Clearly, life doesn’t always turn out the way we think it will, whether we are a child dreaming of how big her life will be or a thirty-three-year-old woman searching for purpose within an Instagram caption (guilty…). And while you’re figuring out how your life is going to look, God is gonna make you wait for some things. Of all the Biblical virtues, patience has forever been my weakness. Waiting 30 minutes for Papa John’s delivery from 885 feet away (hey! Lest we not judge…) puts me right on the struggle bus. Guess how long I waited to move to El Salvador. Two years. Guess how long I waited to marry my dream man. Four years.

That little girl who once sat alone on the pink carpeted floor of her bedroom, scribbling secrets in a cheaply locked diary no one would ever read, is now a woman sitting in her Salvadoran bedroom hoping her words happen upon someone who will reach back and say, “ohmygosh, me too!”

When I’m not posting on social media or applying filters to the photos that curate my life, I’m learning to serve more and be served less.

These are my lesson notes. They’re vulnerable, real, and hopefully a little encouraging. So pour yourself some coffee or tea and tell me – you too?