blog_wellhelloIf you haven’t stopped by my blog in a while (or ever), it’s okay. Me either.  Life got in the way of writing and this little corner, although well-intentioned with big plans, was slowly forgotten. But just like all our hiding nooks, there’s something magical about revisiting them and snuggling back in with a blank journal and fresh pen. 

…but let’s not stay hidden for too long, ‘kay?

Years ago, a little girl sat alone on a pink carpeted floor of her bedroom, scribbling secrets in a cheaply locked diary no one would ever read. Well, she is now a woman sitting in her freshly painted home office, hoping her words happen upon someone who will reach back and say, “ohmygoodness. me too.”

So whatever your “me too” is – navigating marriage, praying for babies, learning what “wise spending” is, or any of the many other niches of adulting I’m traversing today – whatever it is, let’s learn together.

These are my lesson notes. They’re vulnerable, real, and hopefully a little encouraging. So pour yourself some coffee or tea (or wine?) and tell me – you too?