June 2015

Prayer Requests

  •  I am able to retain all the knowledge and skills I was taught at New Staff Training
  • God will prepare the hearts and minds of the people with whom I share my vision and passion for San Salvador.
  • A God-given sense of serenity in this time of hard work. It will be very easy for me to become stressed and overwhelmed by phone call and appointments for my missionary work, Rock City Youth commitments, my Premier Designs business and all the other unexpected snags life inevitably throws my way. But I know that I am running on God’s path for my life, so the work is not only imperative, but necessary and a divine privilege.
  • Pray for Josué. Josué is a 17-year-old boy in San Salvador. I met him last summer at Colegio Ceren. His past is riddled with challenges. He is truly looking for the  path that leads to salvation and I feel that he is so close. I received an update on him today from Ali, my best friend who is currently interning in San Salvador. She said that she spoke with him and that he is currently living in a church and working on the streets juggling. (This is a very common livelihood for people living in poverty in San Salvador) Ali said that he looks very skinny and not as healthy as he did a year ago. But he IS in school and living in A CHURCH, so those are both blessings. Please pray that Josué would stumble towards Christ and find his happy ending there.


  • God is doing amazing things already. Look here to see the amazing & faithful people that are now a part of Team Ashley! ➳ Ashley’s Amigos!