Stand Amazed


I am sitting in the cozy lobby of Mission Training International in scenic Palmer Lake, Colorado, and my mind is finally still. Life has been a tornado of chaos the past few weeks, but Jesus has come in and calmed the storm.

When I began raising support for my full-time mission work in San Salvador at the beginning of June, I prayed big and I prayed boldly that God would bring in 100% of my monthly support by the time I left for a month of culture training in October.

Well folks, as I said, I am now in Colorado and have been since 9am Sunday morning (I came a day early to visit my dear, sweet friend Heather). At 7pm Saturday night, with a mere 11 hours to go, God decided to show off His power and faith by bringing in exactly 100.0% of my financial, monthly support!


I truly could not have done this without the provision of a good God and without my faithful supporters. Whether through prayers, hugs, words of encouragement, money, or all of the above, so many of you have been a part of my team. YOU are Ashley’s Amigos!

Thank you.

With this huge accomplishment comes the privilege of buying a one-way plane ticket to San Salvador…once Reliant double checks all my financial gifts {fingers crossed}! This is a huge step towards getting me to San Salvador to spread God’s love and instill hope in the lost and fearful.

“Look…and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
that you would not believe, even if you were told..”
Habakkuk 1v5

I stand completely and thoroughly amazed at God’s provision. Cuan grande es Dios. He has calmed my storm.

When I left for Colorado, not only did I have to be packed for a month of training, but I needed to be completely moved out of my home because my renters will move in while I am here. This meant packing for Colorado, packing for San Salvador, packing for the time in Columbus between Colorado and San Salvador, and selling or donating anything and everything in my house that wasn’t going to my mission field. As many of you read about, can imagine, or possibly personally witnessed, this was a chaotic time for me.

JPEG image-C12CA73936D4-1
“Your room was green??” – Olivia Shank

But here I am, in Colorado, with everything packed up back home and an empty house ready for her new tenants. Cuan grande es Dios. He has calmed my storm.

Colorado is beautiful and the Mission Training International (MTI) Center is going to be a home away from home for the next month. I have my own room, very similar to a hotel room. I brought my Salvadoran blanket, family photos, and my favorite candle. I love that I have my own little space with just a little more than the necessities for the next 4 weeks. As crazy as my life has been, I am craving simplicity.

The MTI Center is not only where 30 international missionaries will be living for the next month, but it is also where our training sessions are held and where we enjoy daily meals together. Everything is housed in one building. Simplicity.


I am looking forward to the weeks of separation here in Colorado. I am separated from the commotion of life back home – support raising, packing and moving, Rock City Youth, family, friends – these are all wonderful, beautiful blessings, but I need a little more distance between me and my life and a lot less distance between me and my God. I hope to spend much of my time here finding rest in God’s embrace and praising Him for His infinite provision. Cuan grande es Dios. He has calmed my storm.

ps…in case you missed it, I cut my hair, a la Taylor Swift 😉